Saturday, August 9, 2014

Strong Women

"She doesn't even go here."

Not even kidding you guys, I almost just reposted my first episode post and swapped out the screenshots.

Yet again, Sandhya wipes her ass with the rest of the competition while the other designers produce shit and can't wrap their heads around how fucked they are that she's in this competition with them.

Why yes, that's how I really feel.

This challenge I found very strange, and also very encouraging.  It seems that the theme thus far this season has been "think creatively, think forward" and I like that there was an entire challenge centered around the idea of "make something you haven't made before."  This show has a tendency to reward very safely minded fashion thinkers, so I'm glad to see them forcing people to think outside of "now".

"Sandhya is a dumby dumberson. HA!"

 "Why these Under The Gunn rejects can't see how massively superior to them I am is none of my business; I'm just going to go on kicking some ass."

It's so nice to see a designer respond to the other designers distaste of her by basically blowing them off instead of forcing some crocodile tears and fabricating an entire storyline in order to draw sympathy from the audience and producers.

Personal experience, you ask? What, no, of course not.

What I truly love about Sandhya is that most of my thoughts regarding her each episode have more to do with her garments than her conduct, and when they do have to do with her conduct, it's about how refreshingly non-bullshitty it is.

Her garment...I mean, what is there to say? It's breathtaking, whether you love it or hate it.  The color combinations are something really new, exciting, and personal, and she gives her textiles a twist that ups the sophistication of them.  I've heard a lot of comparisons between Sandhya and Patricia of cycle 11, but the difference between the two of them is just that: Sandhya's manipulations up the fashionability and sophistication of her garments, whereas Patricia's garments tended to look crafty.

Just come ON, there was nothing even beginning to approach how creative Sandhya's look was. As a designer who is generally focused specifically on the wearability of my designs, I would have probably created something closer to Emily's look.  Even if I had been standing on the runway, I would have easily been able to defer to Sandhya's superior creativity in this challenge. (To be fair, a number of the more talented designers seems to be starting to understand Sandhya's work, including Emily.)

I also love that her inspiration was about the strength that is the softness of femininity.  That's genius level designer inspiration, right there--well beyond several Project Runway winners' conceptions of what womenswear fashion design is and can be.

God I hope she makes it to fashion week.


I'm not even going to be shady about this one.  Angela is a talented designer who is absolutely in no way programmed to succeed on Project Runway.

Her idea wasn't bad, but unless you HAVE to do work wear for a challenge on Project Runway, it's generally best to avoid doing it.  As for the result?

It's honestly not bad.  That jacket is pretty chic, despite being constructed out of the most heinous fabric in history.  What kills it is that huge nothing of a skirt that also happens to have ears.

Had this been styled the way Sandhya's look was, in an edgier fabric with a skinny pant, this would have been a hot look.  As it is, she just looks disheveled and nervous, like she stayed up all night preparing a business plan she has zero confidence in just to appease her boss, who's probably going to fire her anyways.

Aka, she kind of looks like Angela.

"What the hell is wrong with you sadists? Just send the poor girl home so she can sleep."

This, of course, was the icing on the cake.  Never before has Tim Gunn begged the judges to send someone home for the sake of their sanity.

You could literally see the weight lift off of her shoulders after Heidi hugged her goodbye--the smile on her face was absolutely beautiful.

I do think the judges really liked Angela from the start, but she's not the kind of person who was going to succeed on this show, and I think they did her a favor in cutting her.  There was no need to hammer her burgeoning passion for design out of her by having her struggle through such absurd time constraints and deal with cameras and interviews.  I'm sure Angela will be more successful, having not lasted longer, and that's a compliment.


  1. I really hope the other designers *cough* Mitchell and Korina *cough* watch this season and really see how great Sandhya is as a person and learn from her. The way she's letting their words bounce right off of her and only focusing on her work is obviously paying off. If the other designers could look at the competition from her perspective, they might actually start winning too.

    As for Angela, I'm glad she went home. Not because she's not a great designer, because she was honestly one of my favorites, based on her portfolio. I just don't think she has the personality for this sort of competition. I think, if she had stayed in it any longer, she would've begun to hate fashion design and that would've been a shame. She'll go on to do great things, under less time constraints.

  2. Sam…I always enjoy your insight and humor along with your ,waaaay beyond your young years, ability to dissect and layout what is before you. Regardless if it is a design or an incident ….your writing elevates the concept of a blog! Onward….

  3. Preach it brother. When you're right you're right! In fact, you're fucking right! Love your insights, your fun, and your humor. Keep on keeping on.

  4. Oh well, thankfully more people who loved Sandhya's dress. I thought it looked interesting and editorial. Fashion doesn't need to be wearable all the time (and the dress itself still is absolutely wearable without the leatherwork). The color combination was magnificent and it looked like pale sunrise.

  5. PS: Amanda's was clearly the worst. Where on earth is that creative, fashion forward? It looks straight out of a costume fundus in Cologne, Germany when all the people celebrate carnival in shiny materials and pseudo-70s-clothing which was worn in Dee-light videos in the 90s.