Saturday, August 16, 2014

Top Dogs

Don't ask me about the title. It's been a long day and I was thinking about hamburgers and hot dogs and shut up.


Well isn't this just the most convenientest screenshot.

Again, words. Not happening with this challenge apparently.  But then again, you try putting 600 words together about the chicness that is Red Robin.

"I don't want to waste the mental energy on thinking whether or not this was a calculated move on Sandhya's part, and yet here I am again, discussing it at length."

Not gonna lie, I was pretty drunk watching this the first time, so Amanda's Amandaness just started striking me as hilarious.  There's only so much griping you can do with one person's grasps for attention before you remember that your self proclaimed nickname on the show was "Sassy Sam."

"I think I'm playing this one pretty smart...or is it playing me?!?!" 

"Good God you're exhausting."

Then again, I never made Tim Gunn hang his head in shame or embarrassment.  Discuss.

However, Amanda has to be given some props, because everything I saw in the workroom gave me every indication that she was going to justly and precipitously fall straight to the bottom of this heap.

Which is why I am pleasantly surprised that this is what we ended up with.

Make no mistake, in the light of day, and without the benefit of watching it dance up and down the runway, it's not exactly as pretty as I had thought it was, but it's still a pretty cool dress with a killer vibe.

However, because I am picky, I will note that the effect of the fringe looks much better against the reverse side (I believe that's what the red and blue is?) of the fabric, and thus I am confused as to why the front of the dress is mainly pink, and the back mainly the reverse.  Seems like a mistake to me.

Still, Amanda did a remarkably good job taking her Anthropologie aesthetic and marrying it to the challenge, even if I don't particularly think she should have taken the win.

"I'm honestly just going to out sew everybody for this one. If that doesn't win it for me, I don't know what will."

Not that I thought it should have necessarily gone to Kini.  After all, despite how cute he was the whole episode, and despite that his dress was probably more qualified for the win than Amanda's...well, we'll get to it in a second.

"So how many dresses have you made Kini?"
"No, I mean, for this challenge."

I will say that speed and technical ability can certainly be intimidating in the work, especially when most people can had staple together a half decent look in the alotted time.

But you generally don't want to finish too early it shows a certain lack of critical thinking.

And while you can end up with a pretty hot dress when you're a wicked awesome seamstress, sometimes you end up giving the judges something they've definitely kind of seen before.

I hate to say it, but Mitchell was right: you can have the best construction in the world, but if you don't have an original idea, you're not going to win anything.  Still, I look forward to having Kini around--he's refreshingly fun spirited, and he does sew really well.  I'm just having a hard time seeing him on the shortlist for Lincoln Center.

And then there's Alexander, who revealed this past episode, his rudimentary take on Sign Language.

However, I was happy so see him so happy about his work, especially when he started fanning himself he was so excited by the positive critique he was getting.

In a way, it's a shame that the judges brushed him into a third place position so quickly, because there's something about Alexander's design that's quite a bit more "fashion" than the other two.  For one, it looks like real, high-end clothing, as opposed to fashion competition entries, which is really the only arena that Kini and Amanda's could excel in.

I would hate to see him stop here though--Alexander has huge potential, and the judges obviously need to drag it out of him a little bit.  If they'd given him too many props for this, he may have settled below his potential, and eventually have gotten himself kicked out.

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  1. I agree with your Kini comments and time management. You never want to let anyone know you have that much time left. Work on the small details. His hem wasn't perfect and could have been pressed once more. An adorable dress but not really new.